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How to stand out your fashion brand in Social media (2021)

A couple of days ago I met a client, who is a fashion designer and bespoke suit designer in Sri Lanka. This guy is a come from a family line of bespoke designers and tailors. He was already in the market as a tailor and he was doing some social media marketing on social platforms. But the results he was getting was not that great. So one of our mutual friends has suggested contacting me and ask how he could improve his branding and his social media marketing more effectively.
So we met a couple of days ago and he showed me this amazing process of making bespoke suits and his shop, his collections, and also his current social media pages and his strategies. After seeing how poor his social media strategies were and how lacking his social image was, I wanted to write this article, so someone who may read this in the future will avoid his mistakes and benefit from my advice to him.

So, Unlike other consumer product branding, Branding a clothing brand is so different. And I think it is because a unique fashion brand speaks to a specific niche in the fashion industry. it has a unique voice, colors, personality, and beauty of its own. it’s almost like branding a live person. If you are a fashion brand owner or thinking to start a fashion brand, that means you have something alive. So here are some tips on how to do social media campaign for a unique fashion brand.

01.Identify your brand's personality

So when it comes to promoting your brand on social media, you must be careful to create this personality of your fashion brand with the content you are posting. The first thing I noticed after seeing my client’s Facebook page and Instagram page, he had no idea on how to choose or create the content to represent his brand identity. He has been posting some random images with different color tones and different styles on social media. his galleries were inconsistent and not attractive at all.
So First thing, if you don’t have any idea about the personality of your fashion brand, you need to understand it first. think of it as a person, and go through every detail about him. Identify your brand’s personality.

02.Identify a style to create your social media content to match that identity.

Unlike other categories of products, a fashion brand communicates with your client 80% visually. So in social media, your styles communicate with your potential clients mostly visually. So when your customers see your content it should give them the feelings and idea your brand represents. You need to keep this visual branding across all your platforms.

Let me give some examples,


This is a wonderful example of visual branding. Anthropologie follows a specific light and airy color tone in every post they create. The models on the page pose in a very specific way, their facial expressions and body languages are aligned. These each and every tone speak of your brand identity and style. Do you see how their posts flow seamlessly into each other? They don’t use any logos in their clothing posts no names of the company or brand, no tag lines. but the wonderful thing is when you are following such style consistently your viewer’s eye gets used to a specific visual tone and after some time he immediately will able to identify your post without even looking at the page name.

So this is what you need to do 

  • Create a visual brand guide to your brand. choose a specific color tone and style. Follow that style across all your social media platforms. 

03.Tell your brand story

If you remember the client I was talking about earlier, he was a traditional bespoke tailor. He told me an amazing story about how he and his family line became bespoke tailors and the values and attention to details they are following throughout generations. I was immediately hooked on that story. If he tried to tell this story ever, He could have gained more attention to his brand on social media like never before. But he didn’t. On his social media pages, there was not a word about his story or passion.
Telling a story about your brand is a great way to connect with your customers. So don’t be afraid to tell your story. your customers will be amazed as I did with my client’s story.

04.Don't post only clothing show your inspirations designs sketches

Another thing that my client was doing wrong is posting just clothes, product images, and editorial-style shoots. This makes your galleries less attractive and samey as everyone else on social media. You can post things other than clothing on your Instagram to match your brand’s look and feel. You can post your inspirations, Your sketches, Other clothing accessories that match your brand.

Let me show you some examples

Gucci - Use Illustrations

Gucci uses this amazing strategy of using illustrations to showcase their product. they use this illustration to bring to life a theme or story related to a product.

Another great example - ozwald_boateng

This great fashion designer and Tailor display his inspiration alongside his designs. These tactics alone separate from all other fashion-related Instagram pages out there.

05.Show behind the scenes

Another great way to grab your viewer’s attention is to create behind scene posts. this way you can show your passion and commitment to your brand.

06.Show your brand values

.Showcase your brand’s cultural and social values. Your engagement in community and environment. 62% of customers want companies to take a stand on currently and broadly relevant issues like sustainability, transparency, or fair employment practices. 

So I hope these tips will help you to stand out your brand from others and to create successful branding on social media. additionally, if you are a Sri Lankan we have a great offer down below.

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